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GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS Forever may change the conditions specified in the Agreement at any time without notice to the Users and without notice. Each User accessing the Site is deemed to have accepted every change made in the Agreement in advance and accepts, declares and undertakes to act in accordance with the issues specified in the said changes. Every User who is a member of the Site declares and undertakes that he has read this Agreement, understands the content of the Agreement and accepts and approves all its provisions. Upon activation of the membership, a copy of the Agreement will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the User during the membership process. Forever cannot be held responsible for the wrong e-mail address given and/or whether the e-mail reaches or not. WEBSITE USE AND COMMITMENT TO PRIVACY The site is an entertainment, friendship and social networking site and it is mandatory to be a member to use the Site. The site accepts membership only for visitors aged 18 and over. The accuracy of the information shared with the Site while becoming a member is the responsibility of the User. If the created membership is not in the appropriate age group, the membership will be canceled and the inventory in the membership account will be deleted. All kinds of services provided on the site are for entertainment and social purposes and have nothing to do with real goods or products. After the membership form filled in by the visitor is activated by the system, the membership will become active and the visitor will gain the title of "User". Forever does not share or publish membership information with third parties in any way, except at the request of legal authorities. Nicknames/nicknames chosen by the User within the site may not be against morality and good manners, and may also not contain political or religious content. Usernames found to be inappropriate will be deleted by Forever without notice. The memberships obtained belong to only one person, and the User cannot give, transfer or rent the membership information and password to third parties for the purpose of use. Otherwise, Forever has the right to terminate the Agreement unilaterally. In this case, the User is responsible for any disputes that may arise with third parties. A person can open more than one membership. However, malicious use of one of the memberships, unusual transfer between memberships, for the purpose of receiving services that are gifted or limited to a person, etc. In case of detection, other memberships are also deleted. In the event that the Users provide their personal information among each other within the site, Forever cannot be held responsible for their security. Within the site, i) swearing in private and public chat environments, sharing personal information (email, mobile phone, etc.) ii) creating content contrary to morality and morality, iii) creating discussion environments with religious and political content, iv) disturbing users, v) alcohol, cigarettes, etc. it is forbidden to advertise and encourage products, vi) to send messages that humiliate and offend people by discriminating against religion, language, race, gender and class. Upon complaint or if Forever detects one of these situations; Forever reserves the right to cancel the membership completely, temporarily block access to the Site or the link rooms. The User accepts in advance that all kinds of messages made on the site can be recorded by Forever within the technical possibilities for legal obligations. Forever has committed in advance that it will not share or disclose this information with third parties. Users are prohibited from recording personal messages without mutual consent. In case the User violates the rules with illegal and fraudulent behavior within the Site, Forever ; reserves the right to warn, temporary ban, ban from certain parts of the Site, cancellation of membership and temporary suspension or deletion of membership, depending on the concrete event. In case of dispute, the User has accepted that Forever records are essential. There are explanations regarding the content and usage of the Site within the Site, and the User accepts that he has read the relevant fields..